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Max Nichols


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It’s a pleasure for us to help you as Insurance Professionals. I love what I do and have had the opportunity to help thousands upon thousands of individuals since 2006! We have worked diligently to prepare ourselves to be outstanding advocates on your behalf and provide you with the education and support you are seeking. Many people ask us why we wear these super bright shirts. The simple answer is that we want you to remember us and be able to find us any time you have a need. ​

“Our shirts represent that we are not hiding from anyone! We’re here to help.”

Almost 10 years ago, about the time my Father was turning 65, I learned about Medicare. I too was surprised when I found out even though it is more or less a “Mandatory” insurance program, there are still many different options for each person to choose amongst. I have a background as an educator and found I really enjoyed teaching and helping people choose their health insurance programs. I began working as an employee of United Healthcare and did that for the first year. After I got a better feel for the industry, I realized that if I only represented one insurance carrier then I couldn’t help people choose amongst the best plans available.

I went out on a limb and worked to become an Independent Agent, and now as a Team, we represent every single Medicare Advantage Plan Type available to the General Public in the State of Utah and other great products in many other states. I found that I was able to really make a difference in people’s lives and I started sharing my success with other people I really trusted. I love helping agents on our team to become experts in the field. We have built a very strong foundation to analyze each client’s needs, aid them in their decision, and provide continuing support over time.

As I reflect on the great things we’ve done I remember that “Once upon a time” I was able to get out and meet with all of my clients in their homes. Recently, however, I have realized that I need to spend the majority of my time supporting our team and coordinating opportunities and systems to get you the best help possible. Please still feel free to reach out to me (here through the website or by calling) and Sandi will set us up an appointment in our office if possible. Probably the most unique thing about our Awesome Team is that we truly are…… a TEAM! We all share in this business and are glad to help you in any way we can! When you encounter any one of us in the Gold Shirts we will be able to lend a hand.

My Younger Years: I was born in Queens, New York just after my Dad started his career with Citi Bank in the late1960’s. As a family, we were able to travel much of the world due to Dad’s business assignments. We lived in South and Central America, Lebanon, Paris, Houston, and the Persian Gulf. Eventually, when I was in Jr. High, my father quit the banking industry and we moved to Morgan, Utah where I finished high school. I attended a year of college, spent two years in Brazil, and finished school at Weber State College where I received my Bachelors Degree in Family Studies with an emphasis in Sales & Service Technology.

My life, like so many individuals, has had some great triumphs and some heartbreaking setbacks. Through it all, I have found I have a gift for helping, educating, serving, and gathering wonderful people together! Quite happily, life got a lot better for me a couple of years back when I realized that I too am just one imperfect person and as I keep trying, and with all of us pitching in, we can make a huge impact for all of us!